Test Name: Necropsy, rodent, small mammals
Section: Necropsy
$In-State Price/ $Out-of-State Price $50/$75 per animal.

NOTE: In-state and out-of-state price differences are separated by a slash. For example: $5/$6 would be $5 in-state, $6 out-of-state
An accession (processing) fee of $6.00 for in-state tests and $7.50 for out-of-state tests will be charged for each accession.
Specimen: Whole or partial rodent cadaver. If you ask for "Necropsy", we will do a necropsy and tests to determine the cause of death. If you ask for "Gross necropsy only", then only a necropsy will be done.
Locations and
Turnaround Times
College Station: Run M-S, results same day. Saturday results on Monday.
Amarillo: Run M-F, results same day.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Turnaround times are estimates ONLY. The availability of test results WILL be impacted by marked increases in requests for an individual test, arrival time of the specimen, incompatibility of the sample with the testing protocol, and infrequently run tests may require a minimum number of samples to complete a batch.

A carcass with little or no decomposition is obviously one of the best diagnostic specimens. Carcasses intended for necropsy should be kept refrigerated, but not frozen, as freeze/thaw artifacts obscure gross and microscopic lesions. It is not a good idea to drop entire small carcasses such as birds or rodents into formalin, since internal organs do not get fixed properly by this procedure. Also, a regular necropsy fee will be charged if TVMDL has to perform a necropsy on a fixed carcass.

In order to prevent additional decomposition during transit, specimens intended for histopathological examinations should always be submitted in formalin. We have formalin jars in triple containers available (see Supply Section). A charge of $5.00 per case will be levied if TVMDL receives fresh tissue for histopathology.

Due to influencing factors involved, weights for euthanasia, necropsy and specimens are estimated weights.