Testing Information

Test Selection

Please carefully check the list of tests offered by TVMDL to ensure we provide the test you have requested. With your written instructions, TVMDL may be able to ship your specimen to another laboratory offering tests that TVMDL does not provide. Although the Agency will only ship specimens to laboratories the Agency believes to be using good laboratory practice, TVMDL cannot provide assurance of the accuracy of another laboratory’s results or validation data for that laboratory. Billing for the charges from the referred laboratory and shipping / handling charges will apply.

Need help diagnosing? Visit this veterinary diagnostic tool.

Questions about Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD)? Visit BVD Consult.

Cytology STAT Requests

Same day results on ‘STAT’ requests will be available for cytology received in the Clinical Pathology Laboratory before 3:30 PM. Specimens received after that time will be reported the following day.

Livestock Brucellosis Serology Testing

Texas Bovine Testing

  • TVMDL at College Station and Amarillo can only provide serologic testing for disease diagnostic purposes for Texas bovine specimens.
  • Testing of Texas bovine for regulatory purposes must be sent directly to the TAHC State/Federal Brucellosis Laboratory at the following address:
    4501 Springdale Rd. Suite B
    Austin, TX 78723
    Phone: 512.933.0441
  • Testing done at the TAHC State/Federal Brucellosis Laboratory may incur additional charges.  The report and charges will be sent directly to the client from the TAHC State/Federal Brucellosis Laboratory.
  • Texas brucellosis regulatory testing includes inter & intra state movement (ie. health certificates), international exports, herd certification, stock show, private sales and change of ownership.

Texas Swine Testing

  • Texas brucellosis regulatory card test can be performed at TVMDL (Amarillo or College Station).
  • Texas brucellosis regulatory tests (RAP) can be performed at a TAHC State/Federal Brucellosis Lab.
  • TVMDL can provide disease diagnostic testing for swine species at its College Station and Amarillo labs.
  • Fees will apply for testing for diagnostic and regulatory testing at TVMDL’s College Station and Amarillo labs.

All Other Species Within Texas

  • Brucellosis testing for any purpose for all other species from Texas can be conducted at the TVMDL labs in College Station or Amarillo.

All Other Species from States Other Than Texas

  • Testing for all species, except primates, for any purpose may be performed at both TVMDL labs.
  • Visit our fee schedule for current pricing.

Reference Laboratory Information

TVMDL’s College Station lab ships samples for the following serologic tests to reference labs across the country. Availability is subject to change at the referral laboratory.All referral tests are found in the TVMDL test catalog, and designated with “(Referral”) in the test name.

Routine samples are normally held for 2 weeks to allow for supplemental testing, as may be requested by the submitter. After that 2 week time period, samples will be discarded according to TVMDL protocol. Exceptions include, but are not limited to, legal cases and state/Federal testing requirements. Please notify the laboratory if a submission is related to a legal case or may be held for legal purposes. Long-term storage of specimens cannot be provided by TVMDL and those specimens must be transferred to the submitter. Poultry samples at the Gonzales and Center labs will be kept for a minimum of 5 working days.

All samples submitted to TVMDL for testing become the property of the agency and may be tested as part of state/federal surveillance programs, utilized for research purposes and/or development of new assays. TVMDL is unable to return samples to the client unless prior arrangements are made and approved by the agency Director or designee.