Essler receives National Poultry Improvement Program recognition

J.C. Essler, poultry program administrator, was inducted into the leadership program Jan. 6.

J.C. Essler, poultry program administrator.

The National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP) recently recognized J.C. Essler for his dedication and commitment to the industry. Essler is the poultry programs administrator at the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL).

Essler and a staff of four poultry epidemiologists manage the Texas Pullorum-Typhoid Program. This infectious disease program requires all domestic poultry used in the production of offspring for sale or trade to be pullorum-typhoid free; the 72nd Legislature gave TMVDL responsibility for the State program. The team ensures Texas remains pullorum-typhoid free, which is essential to the health of the poultry industry. In addition, Essler coordinates the NPIP state program which oversees hatchery and laboratory audits.

The NPIP recognized Essler’s extensive contributions to the national poultry industry after he assisted the State of Iowa with hatchery and laboratory audits. He went above and beyond the normal duties of a state coordinator.

“Every state’s NPIP program is different,” Essler said. “I enjoy working with all aspects of the industry—individual and commercial producers as well as industry representatives—to ensure they have a clean product to sell as NPIP-certified.”

Yearly, Essler manages more than 4 million breeder bird records and more than 65 million records for hatching eggs, chicks and poults. Through the two TVMDL laboratories dedicated to poultry testing—in Center and Gonzales—Essler coordinates testing for avian influenza and other reportable avian diseases. The two laboratories conduct more than 200,000 NPIP tests a year.

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