TVMDL demonstrates new client portal to cattle producers and veterinarians

Couple watches as man points to computer screen

Project Manager Larkin O’Hern demonstrates the new TVMDL client web portal during the Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course.

We demonstrated TVMDL’s new client portal to veterinarians and producers at the Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course in early August..

Our new portal, which you soon will access through the TVMDL web site, is designed to give you more control over the diagnostic process. It will also let you conduct test searches more easily and accurately, and view a client’s diagnostic history at a glance.

The system supports your existing office routines by letting you print FedEx labels, download key forms, order supplies or make online payments.

It helps your office to communicate more quickly and accurately with TVMDL laboratories. You can get the answers to your questions about a submission more quickly and more reliably and generate diagnostic reports that are better organized and easier to read.

We plan to demonstrate the new portal at the Southwest Veterinary Symposium in September in San Antonio.  Please look for us at booth 7.

You can learn more about the portal now by downloading this fact sheet.

We also took the Beef Cattle Short Course as an opportunity to visit with beef producers and answer their questions about animal disease and veterinary diagnostics.

This year, we emphasized vital information about diagnostic testing for bovine trichomoniasis, a devastating and reportable venereal disease of cattle.

If you missed this year’s short course, we have collected important information and official forms online at

You will also find videos on collecting, packaging and shipping specimens for official trich testing. These videos were developed in cooperation with the Texas Animal Health Commission and its trichomoniasis working group.