Trich testing: View our updated video on submitting samples

Working with the Texas Animal Health Commission and its Trichomoniasis Working Group, we recently completed production of an updated instructional video.

In about six minutes, this video shows you how to properly submit samples to TVMDL for official state tests for bovine trichomoniasis.

The video covers how to:

  • Fill out the two forms you must submit with your samples.
  • Choose the proper medium in which to transport your samples: The In-Pouch TF.
  • Select among your options for diagnostic tests.
  • Store and incubate your samples to help assure an accurate test.
  • Pack and ship your samples.
  • Ask the lab to pool samples to save money for you and your client.

You can find this video online at You will also find a four-minute video that demonstrates how to properly take a specimen from a bull for trich testing.

In addition, you may download TVMDL’s fact sheet, “Bovine trichomoniasis: How to get timely and accurate results from diagnostic testing” and the lab submission form, as well as the animal health commission’s official test record and its instructions for completing the test record.