Save money when you ship specimens to TVMDL by overnight delivery

Lab technicians open specimen boxes shipped to TVMDL.

Using overnight delivery will significantly improve the chances of your specimen arriving at TVMDL in good condition for diagnostic testing.

As a guideline, TVMDL advises our clients to use overnight delivery to ship specimens to our labs. Overnight delivery significantly improves the chances of your sample arriving in good condition for diagnostic testing.

We know that overnight delivery can be expensive. That’s why TVMDL has arranged for our clients to receive significant discounts for overnight delivery from a national carrier, Federal Express, and a regional carrier, Lone Star Overnight.

Using discounts from either of these carriers, it will cost you $10 or less to ship a box weighing up to three pounds by overnight delivery to our full-service labs in Amarillo and College Station.

Both services also provide tracking numbers that allow you to follow your shipment’s progress from your clinic to our lab.

Federal Express

This discount is available to any TVMDL client. To take advantage of the FedEx discounts, enter TVMDL’s online client portal by going to and clicking on the maroon navigation tab marked “Client Login.”

Once you enter the portal, look to the left for the word “FedEx.” Below this you will find links to the secure online forms that will generate labels to send specimens to our full-service labs in Amarillo or College Station at the discount rates.

If you aren’t yet a TVMDL client or you aren’t familiar with our client portal, please contact our finance section at (979) 458-3207.  We can help you get started.

Lone Star Overnight

This regional carrier offers discounts for Texas veterinarians to send specimens to TVMDL labs.  These discounts vary by service area.

To open a TVMDL account with Lone Star, go online to You will find a step-by-step process for starting your account. You will also find a map of service areas and a guide to Lone Star’s special rates for TVMDL customers by service area.

Feel free to contact our Lone Star representative, Chris Garbade, at You may also call Lone Star’s customer service line at (800) 800-8984.


Other options for shipping to TVMDL include:

  • United Parcel Service, which provides overnight service with a tracking number, but does not offer a discount specific to TVMDL customers.
  • The U.S. Postal Service, which provides overnight delivery in limited situations by US Express Mail.  The postal service supplies tracking numbers with Express Mail, but offers no specific discount to TVMDL customers.
  • Greyhound Lines, which some TVMDL customers use to ship specimens by bus, but which offers no specific discounts to our customers. Greyhound provides a tracking number, but only to verify arrival. Also, overnight delivery is not guaranteed.

Shipping supplies

Remember also that TVMDL can provide you with Biological Substance, Category B packaging for a nominal fee. If used as designed, this packaging will comply with all shipping requirements. You can learn more about shipping specimens to TVMDL on our web site:

If you have any questions about shipping specimens to TVMDL, please call us in Amarillo at (888) 646-5624 or in College Station at (888) 646-5623.

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