Common cattle diseases: new molecular panel detects 4 diseases from one specimen

Cow grazing in a field.

The new B4 Panel may be especially useful for export testing and herd health screening.

We have developed and are now offering a real-time or quantitative PCR (qPCR) panel for bovine herpesvirus 1 (IBR), bovine leukosis, bluetongue virus and bovine viral diarrhea virus.

This bovine panel offers a higher sensitivity than other tests for these diseases.

The panel may be especially useful for export testing and herd health screening.  It can be run on nasal swabs, semen, whole blood treated with EDTA, milk, and even tissues that have not been exposed to formalin.

Turnaround time is three business days from the time the specimen arrives at our lab. The cost of the panel for Texas clients is $40, which is significantly less than running all of the tests individually.

This panel is available at our full-service labs in College Station and Amarillo. To order, write “B4 PCR” on your submission form.

TVMDL offers the bovine panel for easier test selection, broader detection of differential diseases and co-infection, and relative cost savings to our clients. For example, an individual PCR test for the bluetongue virus costs $30, but the bovine panel (which includes the bluetongue test) is just $40.