New molecular panel can detect 7 canine respiratory diseases from a single dry swab

Happy golden retrieverWe now offer an improved molecular panel to test for canine respiratory diseases.

Developed by TVMDL’s Diagnostic Development Section, this panel detects the presence of bordetella, adenovirus type 2, distemper, herpesvirus 1, influenza, parainfluenza and respiratory coronavirus.

The test requires a dry swab taken from the trachea or the pharynx.

For this test, we use a real-time or quantitative PCR (qPCR) technique with an enhanced sensitivity that helps assure we can detect genetic material from agents that may cause these diseases.

Turnaround time is three business days from the time the specimen arrives at our lab. The panel costs $80 for Texas clients, which is much less than the cost of running all the tests individually.

This panel is available only at our College Station lab. To order, write “Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Panel” on your submission form.